35 - 56m2

USABLE floor area

27 - 46m2



gable roof

33°, 65%

Interior layout and design

rational uses space

mobile modular home

FJORD 35 m2

FJORD house is the high quality mobile home based on a steel construction. 35 m2 of the house have been fully utilized to ensure comfort and convenience. FJORD can be placed in any place on request. It is a year-round house with high thermal insulation parameters. 

Possibility of transporting the house to another place at any time is an additional advantage and meets the challenges of our times. The layout and interior design are based, among others, on scandinavian minimalism, which rationally uses the space, creating a harmonious interior.

Stability of construction on the one hand, and simplicity in the use of forms and colors on the other, creates in the FJORD house an atmosphere of peace and closeness to nature.

35 m2 one bedroom

Bedroom 7,45m2, bathroom 3,28m2, hallway 1,78m2, lounge 15,06m2

35 m2 two bedrooms

1st bedroom 8,22m2, bathroom 3,28m2, 2nd bedroom 3,37m2, hallway 2,71m2, lounge 9,69m2.

all year round modular home

FJORD 48 m2

Modern house FJORD with a builtup area of 48 m2 with large and modern glazing. The house offers space adapted to the needs of families and at the same time guarantees comfortable use all year round. Large glazings make the house bright inside. With plenty of daylight entering the interior, the rooms become bright and cozy. The shape was designed in a “modern barn” style with a gable roof, which is covered with metal seam sheets. FJORD laconically fits into any landscape, giving joy to its owners and guests.

Room layout FJORD 48 m2

1st bedroom 9,54m2, bathroom 4,39m2, 2nd bedroom 5m2, hallway 3,83m2, lounge 16,14m2.

all year round modular home

FJORD 56 m2

Unusually spacious house FJORD 56m2 refers its simplicity to the shape of the barnhouse. Thanks to glazed gable wall and open form of the interior is filled with daylight. Inside there is a living zone with an open kitchen, bathroom and two bedrooms.

A bright and spacious living room can be additionally extended with a terrace, which, thanks to large sliding windows, can be connected with the interior so that it becomes an extension of the leisure zone.

In order to emphasize the modern look of the exterior, the building was finished with a combination of such materials as siberian larch cladding, metal seam sheet and Cembrit. Thanks to them, FJORD is unique in its simplicity and will certainly decorate any plot.

Room layout FJORD 56 m2

1st bedroom 10,24m2, 2ndbedroom 6,63m2, bathroom 4,7m2, hallway 5,01m2, lounge 19,66m2.

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