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The house is made in modular technology in all-season standard* and is an excellent alternative to traditional home building.
It has a modern, elegant form that blends in perfectly with different types of landscape.
The building consists of two modules which are completely made and finished in our production hall. The modules are transported as units to the installation place and bonded together on site. The house is assembled in just one day and can be occupied in the same evening.

The house arrives completely finished, including kitchen, appliances and all equipment*. For those who want to finish and arrange the space on their own, we offer a house in shall and core standard. The whole project is ergonomic and well-thought-out, designed by our experienced architects.

Finishing materials are ecological, high quality components from the world’s leading suppliers. We also produce many finishing components ourselves. Thanks to this, we use components almost entirely, which guarantees their low price. The house has floor heating and air conditioning*. It is warm thanks to insulation with a thick layer of PUR foam and triple-glazed windows*.

*possible to choose in additional options

Interior layout and design

rational uses space

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Receive a dedicated offer today!

Receive a dedicated offer today!

MOHO houses stand for top quality, premium materials, modern design and mobility. We will deliver your MOHO house using professional transport. We can adapt the size, finishing and equipment options to your current needs.

Comprehensive service and guarantee of quality

Comprehensive service and guarantee of quality

Fast implementation, up to 90 days from signing the contract

Transport and installation

Quality assurance

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contact us

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